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Precision medicine is at the heart of the future development of European healthcare. This is the indication of a roadmap presented by LifeTime ,the European consortium which sees HT amongs its associate partners. 

The journal Nature published the article “LifeTime and improving European healthcare through cell-based interceptive medicine”. In the article innovators, research pioneers, clinicians, industry leaders and policy makers from all around Europe  present a detailed roadmap of how to leverage the latest scientific breakthroughs and technologies over the next decade, to track, understand and treat human cells throughout an individual’s lifetime. A united vision to revolutionise healthcare.

Prof. Giuseppe Testa, Head of Research Centre for Neurogenomics, member of the Lifetime steering committee and co-authore of the report, commented: “LifeTime represents the best of the European spirit, which from frontier research on the cellular basis of human diseases now has the opportunity to gain concrete experience in the lives of patients and in the sustainability of our health systems. The pandemic reminded us of our fragility. Transforming healthcare through a precise understanding of the mechanisms by which a disease begins and develops over time in each patient remains an enormous challenge. But today we are finally beginning to see its feasibility thanks to a new research model that places the clinic at the center of three technological frontiers: organoids, models of each patient’s diseased organs, associated with the ability to analyze them over time, cell by cell, in all their dimensions, also making use of artificial intelligence. We are preparing to choose how to project our country towards rebirth through the Recovery Fund. LifeTime in this sense is a trace of how to do it, in the biomedical field, of how to open the future while remaining anchored to the needs of today that have never before appeared to us with so much drama.”


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