24 October 2019

Human Technopole on Radio3 Scienza

The development of Human Technopole in terms of infrastructures and scientific personnel. Its contribution in answering one of the key question in human evolution: “What makes us human from biology perspective?”  These are just some of the topics of Radio3 Scienza’s interview to Maria Grazia Magro, Head of Strategic and Scientific Affairs and to Nereo Kalebic, […]

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23 October 2019

President Marco Simoni on ‚ÄúStart up & Lavoro‚ÄĚ by TG1 Online

22 October – President Marco Simoni was on “Start up & Lavoro” by Tg1 Online to talk about Human Technopole. Simoni covered several topics such as the origins of the project, its development and the recruiting methods. Some of the scientists explained Human Technopole research areas. The interview is available on https://bit.ly/2MC9jFY

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09 October 2019

Director Mattaj attends XII national SIHTA congress

9 October 2019 – Director Iain Mattaj attend the XII national congress of the Italian Society for Health Technologies Assessment, hosted at Palazzo Lombardia in Milan on 10 October 2019. Prof. Mattaj's speeach will be focussed on "Human Technopole: Advancing Health through Molecular Life Science Research".  For further information and the complete programme, please visit the […]

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02 October 2019

Seven scientists selected to lead first research centres

Human Technopole welcomes the first members of its scientific leadership: the selected scientists will lead on the development of the first research centres (genomics, computational biology, neuro-genomics and structural biology) at the heart of Italy’s new institute for Life Sciences. This is an important step forward in the recruitment of scientific staff that has been […]

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24 September 2019

Technology Forum Life Sciences

25 September 2019 – Life Sciences represent one of the most promising hi-tech industries in Italy and has a significant growth potential in the medium to long term. Important results have been achieved in the recent years, but there is still a lot more that can be done to turn this Industry into a real […]

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