08 January 2021

Keeping Sperm Cells on Track

One essential component of each eukaryotic cell is the cytoskeleton. Microtubules, tiny tubes consisting of a protein called tubulin, are part of this skeleton of cells. Cilia and flagella, which are antenna-like structures that protrude from most of the cells in our body, contain many microtubules. An example of flagell is the sperm tail, which is essential […]

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23 December 2020

Happy holidays from Human Technopole!

We have reached the end of a year which has been intense and complicated for Italy and the entire world. Despite the difficulties that hit, including the city of Milan, for Human Technopole 2020 was a year of great growth and development: we are on the verge of one hundred employees and over forty recruitment […]

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17 December 2020

Researchers map a fundamental enzyme

For the first time, scientists have “photographed” and mapped human RNA polymerase III, a fundamental enzyme for the life of all cells whose mutations can cause hypersensitivity to viruses with severe consequences to our health. This result was obtained by researchers from the Institute of Cancer Research in London and the University of Regensburg (Germany), […]

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10 December 2020

Prof. Vannini on AlphaFold

What potential does artificial intelligence hold for structural biologists to understand the structure of proteins? Prof. Alessandro Vannini, Head of our Structural Biology Research Centre spoke with Radio 3 Scienze and La Stampa to discuss the latest DeepMind developments, the AlphaFold software and its impact for structural biology. Listen to the podcast https://bit.ly/3m3gANq and read […]

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26 November 2020
The Women Technology World Series

Women in Technology World Series

This year Human Technopole is among the supporters of the Women In Technology World Series virtual conference, one of the largest global events dedicated to promoting female participation in the tech and digital world. Attendees will be able to visit our virtual booth and speak with members of our IT staff to learn more about […]

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