25 October 2022

Message by President Verona and CdS

Milan, 24 September 2022  Dear Researchers  on behalf of the Consiglio di Sorveglianza of the Foundation that I chair, I would like to confirm that I have received and read with great attention the letter addressed to us in recent days by hundreds of Italian researchers, in which they reaffirm the great interest that the […]

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24 October 2022

Neural Organoids & Co: when the name matters

Nervous system organoids are three-dimensional (3D) cellular models derived from human pluripotent stem cells that represent key tools to study the development of the human nervous system. In a perspective article published in Nature, Giuseppe Testa and colleagues critically review the origin, nomenclature, and classification of these popular neuronal 3D cellular models. Their work proposes […]

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19 October 2022

Urban Oasis at Human Technopole

The installation ‘Urban.Climate.Oasis Milano’, selected as part of the S+T+ARTS call promoted by the European Commission, was inaugurated today at Human Technopole: the waste heat produced by the Institute will feed a greenhouse for the cultivation of algae that will be used to study human biology. The work is by Markus Jeschaunig, an internationally renowned […]

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13 October 2022

Genome-wide association studies to understand immune diseases

Genetic variants are alternative versions of the DNA sequence that can sometimes be associated with the risk of developing a disease, including autoimmune disorders. Determining the causality between genetic variants and autoimmunity is difficult, due to technical limitations of existing mapping strategies. Blagoje Soskic and collaborators summarise how Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have contributed to […]

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