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Study tour “Austrian Life Science Innovation Ecosystem” in Vienna

The Human Technopole Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer (CITT) continues its international promotion activities by learning about foreign innovation ecosystems.

Last November 2023, the CITT organised a study tour to meet the leading players in basic and applied research within the Austrian ecosystem, with the support of the Italian Embassy in Vienna and the Italian Trade Agency.


Over two intense days, the CITT team traveled with a delegation of TTOs and professionals engaged in enhancing research results within Italian research centers, universities, and research hospitals to investigate how innovation is generated in Austria and which players are involved.

The goals of the visit, led by Fabio Terragni – member of the HT Management Committee delegate for tech transfer – have been multiple: understand the peculiarities of the Austrian innovation ecosystem, meet its active players, learn about good practices and the reference framework (standards, incentives, available funding), also to identify potential areas of teamwork among the two countries.


  • On November 29, honored by the welcome of H.E. ambassador Stefano Beltrame, the delegation gathered at Palazzo Metternich (the Italian Embassy in Vienna) to meet and hear from the most prominent drivers of innovation in Austria – FFG, Lisavienna, Vienna Business Agency (VBA), Austrian Business Agency (ABA) – about several topics, i.e., the relevant framework, available funding, and best practices in the life sciences. Presentations ended with insights about two successful startups, Solgate and Proxygen. Fabio Terragni, member of the HT management committee and delegate for tech transfer, presented Human Technopole and the activities related to tech transfer.
  • On November 29 and 30, the delegation visited three major research centres: the Vienna BioCenter (IMBA-GMI, INiTS, University of Vienna, Medical University of Vienna), ISTA, and CeMM; all leading players in basic and applied research within the Austrian ecosystem.

We thank the Italian Embassy in Vienna and the Italia Trade Agency for their invaluable support in organizing the initiative.

Big thanks to Angelo Nuzzo (FFG), Elvira Kainersdorfer (LISAvienna), Birgit Reiter-Braunwieser (ABA), Christian Frey and Daniel Chaldek (VBA), Enrico Girardi (Solgate), Matthias Brand (Proxygen), Markus Pietzka (INiTS), Raphaela Freidl (University of Vienna), Andrea Kolbus (Medical University of Vienna), Markus Wanko and Alexander Schwartz (xista), Prudence Donovan and Giulio Superti-Furga (CeMM) for sharing their expertise and leaving us with so many takeaways.


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