Science for all

Scientific and social research together for Science for All: how scientific research can improve the journey of life, a project curated by Fondazione G. Feltrinelli, with Human Technopole and Arexpo to strengthen the link between citizenship and sustainable, concrete, equitable and accessible development aimed at improving our quality of life.

  • ScienceTalk: Fake news and information overload? Is there an alternative?

    The final appointment of Science for All, a collaboration between Human Technopole, Arexpo and Fondazione Feltrinelli, will take place online on Friday 21 May at h 1830.  With the Covid19 pandemic, science has suddenly found itself in the spotlight: the importance of understanding and describing the phenomenon, its effects on the quality of life of citizens […]

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  • ScienceTalk: The dialogue between politics and science

    The Science For All project continues, thanks to the collaboration between Human Technopole, Arexpo and Fondazione Feltrinelli. Upcoming initiatives are open to the public, an opportunity to promote dialogue and debate with citizens.  The first event is scheduled for Wednesday 28 April at h18.30 to discuss the relationship between science and politics. If sciences equips us with the […]

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  • Workshop: Science Map – Mens sana in urbe sana

    The third and final workshop is dedicated to the need to promote healthy cities, where scientific research can find the proper space and contribute to improving citizens’ well-being. Which spaces within cities can become strategic for an urban planning focused on our health, protecting it and preserving it. Representatives from private and public sectors as […]

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  • Workshop: Science Map – Open data and public policies

    Our second workshop, which sees the participation of members of the academic and scientific community as well as institutional, private and third sector representatives, proposes a reflection on methods of access, use and interpretation of data and the role that these can have, including impacts and opportunities, in the development of public policies aimed at […]

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  • Workshop: Science Map – Research and innovation for citizens’ health

    Members of the academic, scientific, institutional and financial community as well as representatives of the private and third sector, discuss which ways of improving scientific communication can emerge through the creation of dissemination platforms that can generate widespread knowledge among the population, and on the importance of asking ourselves how life sciences can concretely improve […]

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