08 April 2022

Understanding the developmental origins of autism using brain organoids

Chromatin remodelling factor CHD8 is frequently mutated in autism spectrum disorder. However, little is known about how and when CHD8 impacts on brain development. A new study by Giuseppe Testa et al. describes for the first time the effects of CHD8 haploinsufficiency on human neurodevelopment at single cell resolution.    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is […]

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07 April 2022

Call for Human Technopole Director

The Human Technopole Foundation has published an open call to appoint an outstanding scientist and visionary leader as its second Director to guide the next stages of the life sciences research Institute’s development. Current Director Iain Mattaj will complete his four-year mandate on 31 December 2022. Having reached 70 years of age, Prof. Mattaj is […]

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04 April 2022

Introducing Cecilia Dominguez Conde

Cecilia is an immunologist interested in the continuum of immune cell phenotypes and how genetics can influence cellular states to drive disease. She will be joining HT from the Cellular Genetics programme at the Wellcome Sanger Institute (Cambridge, UK), where she studied human immunity across lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues using single-cell genomics. She plans to […]

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29 March 2022

First Meeting of the New HT Scientific Committee

Yesterday the new Scientific Committee of the Human Technopole Foundation met for the first time. Appointed by the Supervisory Board, the Scientific Committee is the Foundation’s advisory body and it is made up of prominent Italian and international scientists active in the life sciences field. During the meeting, the Scientific Committee unanimously elected Prof. Walter […]

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25 March 2022

“Interpreting” noise to remove image artifacts

Digital images consist of tiny elements named pixels, which are characterised by a fixed position, colour, and brightness within the picture. Random variation of pixel brightness and colour is defined as image noise. Denoising – the process whereby noise is removed from an image – is essential to retain the details of an image as […]

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