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Single-cell sequencing technologies & applications

Category: Course / Workshop

Location: Human Technopole, Milan, Italy - Hybrid

Registration Deadline: 31/07/2022

Date: 13/09/2022

Target Audience: Researchers interested in single-cell sequencing techniques and applications – junior researchers (e.g. PhD Students, Postdocs) are particularly encouraged to participate

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Registration Closed


This workshop would like to promote training and interaction between scientists and professionals working in the field of single-cell genomics in order to spark scientific exchange and a create community.

Internationally renewed external and internal speakers will present the latest advances in single-cell multiomics analysis in different fields of research.

Junior researchers who are approaching single-cell sequencing will get a wider overview of the different technologies and application of single-cell sequencing, having the opportunity to interact directly with high level specialists in the field.

This will be a unique opportunity to hear about the latest developments in the field and get perspectives on future challenges to be addressed in the area of single-cell multiomics.



Privacy: personal data will be processed in accordance with privacy regulations – the notice on data processing policy is available here (Italian – English).

Scientific Organisers

External Speakers

  • Placeholder People Simona Lodato
    Head/Group Leader (Unit Neuroscience), Neurodevelopmental Biology Lab, Humanitas Research Center, Milan, Italy
  • Placeholder People Enrico Lugli
    Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Translational Immunology – Head, Flow Cytometry Core, Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan, Italy
  • Placeholder People Renato Ostuni
    Group Leader, Unità di Genomica del Sistema Immunitario Innato, San Raffaele-Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy (SR- Tiget), Milan, Italy
  • Placeholder People Massimiliano Pagani
    Professor, Università degli Studi di Milano; Principal Investigator, IFOM, Milan, Italy

Internal Speakers