Spatial Biology Symposium

Category: Symposium

Location: Auditorium, Human Technopole, Milan - Hybrid

Registration Deadline: 01/09/2024

Date: 11/10/2024

Target Audience: Life-science researchers at any career stage interested in spatial technologies and applications

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The field of spatial biology is undergoing rapid advancements in profiling RNA and protein expression in a spatially resolved manner, offering a comprehensive characterization of cells and tissues in both health and disease. This progress calls for a clear articulation of key biological questions related to spatial tissue analysis and the development of computational tools to address them. Beyond discovery, spatial biology contributes to translational applications in cancer research, infectious diseases, developmental biology and digital pathology. As we navigate this rapidly developing field, the Spatial Biology Symposium at Human Technopole in Milan on October 11, 2024, aims to bring together experts to discuss these challenges and opportunities, in response to the need to advance research and foster collaboration to address complex global challenges in human health and well-being.

The symposium will consist of on-site lectures by internationally renowned pioneers of spatial technologies and will offer a comprehensive overview on digital pathology, spatial omics, and computational methods. The event will be open to up to 200 participants with a particular focus on early-career scientists, and dedicated networking sessions will contribute creating a unique opportunity for advanced training and interaction.

Spatial Biology is a key area of interdisciplinary collaboration at HT and the Symposium is jointly organised by the National Facility for Genomics, the National Facility for Light Imaging, the Computational Biology Research Centre, and the Genomics Research Centre, with Craig Glastonbury, Clelia Peano, Dario Ricca, and Andrea Sottoriva as scientific organisers.

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Image credit: Dario Ricca (HT)