22 November 2019

The latest news on Human Technopole scientific activities

22 November – The scientific activities of the Foundation is going strong. Alessandro Vannini – Head of the Center of Structural Biology – worked on a paper (TFIIIC Binding to Alu Elements Controls Gene Expression via Chromatin Looping and Histone Acetylation) that has been published on Molecular Cell. Franceso Iorio – Group Leader in the […]

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18 November 2019

Human Technopole at the International Mind Summit

18 November – This weekend, President Marco Simoni and Director Iain Mattaj attended the International Mind Summit. Together with representatives from Ospedale Galeazzi and Università Statale di Milano, Director Mattaj discussed the development of the research on life sciences within MIND. During the summit, 30 MoUs (memorandum of understanding) with several companies interested in investing […]

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15 November 2019

Announcement of the Human Technopole’s Scientific Advisory Board

15 november – The Human Technopole Foundation has announced its Scientific Advisory Board. The SAB will advise and evaluate the scientific activities of Human Technopole. Walter Ricciardi – Professor of Hygiene and Public Health at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome and President of the Mission Board for Cancer of the European Commission – […]

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05 November 2019

Prime Minister Conte at Palazzo Italia

Milan, 5 November – Today Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was at Palazzo Italia to meet all the subjects involved in making it the new “house” for sciences in Italy.   A lot of institutions attended the event. Among them, Paola De Micheli (Minister for Infrastructure and Transport), Stefano Buffagni (Deputy Minister for Economic Developement), […]

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